Complete Electronics Self-Teaching Guide

You have reached the support webpage for the book; Complete Electronics Self-Teaching Guide with Projects. This page gives you access to:

  • Color photos from projects and sidebars showing details of circuit construction and testing; for those using e-book readers without color capability.
  • Support webpages for each project in the book. Each of these project pages provides a parts list, with links to suppliers, datasheets for key components and color photos. 
  • A syllabus and lesson plans for teachers using Complete Electronics Self Teaching Guide in a course.
  • A master parts list for those planning to build all the projects
  • An errata (these may be corrected in later printings of the book)

Project Pages:

Project 2-1   The Diode Color Photos
Project 2-2 The Zener Diode Voltage Regulator  Color Photos
Project 3-1 The Transistor    Color Photos
Project 3-2  The Saturated Transistor  Color Photos
Project 4-1 The Transistor Switch Color Photos
Project 4-2 The JFET   Color Photos
Project 6-1 The High Pass Filter Color Photos
Project 6-2 The Low Pass Filter  Color Photos
Project 7-1 The Notch Filter   Color Photos
Project7-2 The  Bandpass Filter Color Photos
Project 8-1 The Transistor Amplifier  Color Photos
Project 8-2 The Operational Amplifer Color Photos
Project 9-1 The Colpitts Oscillator Color Photos
Project 9-2 The Hartley Oscillator Color Photos
Project 11-1 The Full Wave Rectifier Color Photos

Sidebar Photos:

  • Using Breadboards; sidebar, chapter 1                              Color Photos                  
  • Using the Multimeter; sidebar, chapter 1                          Color Photos
  • Using the Oscilloscope; sidebar, chapter 5                        Color Photos