Building Electronics Circuits

This site is intended as a resource for hobbyists building electronics circuits. The site contains the following information to help you:

If you want learn about building really small gadgets check out our Understanding Nanotechnology Website.

A Collection of Electronic Projects and Circuits

If you've already worked through a few projects from my books and caught the electronics bug you might want to try a few circuits from other sources.  To help you out here's a list of some interesting electronics circuits that we've found around the Web . These circuits look interesting and are well documented but we haven't had a chance to build them all, so results may vary! We make no warranty as to the safety of these circuits, only tackle projects that you have the knowledge and skills to work on safely.

Just A Minute. This circuit on the Electronics Zone Website fits up to 8 players in a knowledge quiz game. The first one to tap their button rings a buzzer and gets to answer the question.

Turning Gadgets On with a Wave of Your Hand. This circuit by Dave Johnson compares the signals from two photodiodes using a comparator chip. When you pass your hand over the photodiodes the output of the comparator chip goes high, turning on a transistor which Dave uses to power a buzzer in his circuit.

Clap Activated Remote Control: This interesting circuit on the Electronics Zone Web site allows you to build a remote control activated by clapping your hands.

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Articles - Reviews of interesting techniques

Datasheets: The Key to Reading Schematics

You've found the schematic online for a cool electronic project that you're eager to build. However, not all project information you find online is created equal. Sometimes you'll get great descriptions of what the project does and how the circuit functions, and sometimes you just get a schematic with component values that leaves you scratching your head over how everything comes together. If a schematic doesn't come with a clear explanation of how the circuit works, you can use datasheets to fill in the missing information. ........link to full article

Soldering Surface Mount Components

Instead of dual in-line packages (DIP) that are easy for a hobbyist to use, many new components are produced only in surface mount packages because circuit board manufacturers prefer them for use on their high volume assembly lines. ...link to full article

When Is a Supplier Right for You?

If you're like us, sometimes you go to a large discount store for bargain bulk groceries; other times, you're off to a corner store because it's convenient or to a gourmet shop for a special (but expensive) treat. So how do you choose what electronics supplier to go to? ... link to full article